Digital marketing that's
powered by your customers

I do the tricky, in-depth customer research that most marketers avoid. The result? 
 You get copywriting & content strategies that actually improve your revenue.

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Cut through all the white-noise marketing BS
with content & messaging based on cold, hard data

There's a whole lotta crap out there.

Pretty much every marketer tells people to "buy now" or "click this" or "eat that." But folks just tune out all that white-noise marketing BS.

They've heard it all before.

So if you want to grow your biz in a competitive market -- such as SaaS or travel -- not only do you have to stand out like a spitball at a cocktail party...'ve got to tap into the emotional triggers that'll motivate your best prospects to act.

And that means understanding the psychology of your specific customers -- their deepest desires, their most dreaded fears.

Because without that insight, you're really just taking a guess on what messages will resonate with them.

And you'll probably end up with generic, BS-filled content that people just ignore.

That's why my marketing and content strategies put a huge amount of emphasis on qualitative research -- like surveys, customer interviews and review analysis.

So if you care about getting measurable results from your marketing, let's have a chat.

John Procopio Director of Marketing, Palo Alto Software /LivePlan

Secret Weapon In Our Marketing Toolkit'

"Dustin is the secret weapon in our marketing toolkit. He performs the deep dives we need to understand our customers' inner voice and likely behavior drivers. Whether it be conversion-optimization, copywriting, or user persona research work, Dustin's deliverables are always well-presented, on-target, timely, and ultimately, drive positive, bottom-line results. When tests don't perform as well as anticipated, he's open and receptive to feedback, and happy to work out another pass. Dustin really does want to see their clients succeed."

See How I Helped LivePlan Boost Conversions by 72%

My services are especially lucrative for SaaS companies, info-marketers & brands with loads of competition

Positioning & Messaging
to make your brand stand out

Why should people choose your brand over the competition? A message strategy helps you uncover your differentiator or helps you refine it, so you can better position your company in the most competitive markets.

Content Strategy
to haul in qualified traffic

Without a data-based strategy, your content marketing will likely fail. I give you everything you need to plan, launch and maintain an inbound marketing plan that brings you a measurable return on investment.

Landing Pages + Optimization

to turn traffic into juicy leads

Boost your current conversion rate or launch new landing pages that deliver the goods right away. In addition to conversion copywriting, I'll tweak the layout of your page or wireframe a new one for you from scratch. 

Email Copywriting
to convert leads into customers

Ok, your funnel is filling up nicely. Now, it's time to really develop rich, meaningful relationships with your prospects through email that'll turn them not just into customers -- but fans who adore you. This is where segmentation and testing really helps.

Or you might want to start with a review
of your current marketing & web copy

You know your copy, email or sales funnel could be better,
but you're not sure how to improve it. 

That's where my Messaging Review comes in.

 I'll comb through your website and landing pages to pinpoint spots where you're likely to be leaking money. Next, I'll craft a report that gives you actionable step-by-step advice on how to  generate more leads & sales from your marketing.  The report will include:

> a 30-minute call to better understand your audience

> a full analysis report of the main 5 pages on your website or
in your PPC funnel (can include emails as well)

> suggestions for key messaging elements, such as
headlines, images and subheads

> answering unlimited questions you have about the report via email

Join other businesses that are ditching the blah-blah marketing BS...and getting content that converts instead

Chester Ku-Lea
Chief Experience Officer

We’re still running tests, but Dustin’s work looks promising so far — our newsletter signups have increased three-fold! Dustin taught us about our business with his conversion-focused content, extensive use of surveys and research guided by industry-best practices. Highly recommended!

Right away, we could tell Dustin knew his stuff when it came to messaging and conversion rate optimization.  He  improved the copy and formatting on our homepage, bringing us a 45% increase in conversions when A/B tested against the original. We're thrilled with the results.

Rick Bulich Owner/founder
GyPSy Guide 
Alon Gamzu
CEO of Roundforest

Dustin's provided us with extensive market research that identified our main target market. He conceptualized the feel and tone of our website copy as well as writing all the web copy for Comparaboo. He also went above and beyond and helped with ideas for general branding and advertising strategies for our brand.

"We worked with Dustin on increasing click-throughs on our Facebook and Email marketing, and we were extremely happy with the results. He re-wrote our posts and they typically achieved double the engagement of our original posts. I'm looking forward to working with Dustin again on our next campaign."

Gath Adams I Want That Flight

Yes! I'd like to get results
just like those fellas

Hey, I'm Dustin. 

I blend old school reporter techniques (such as live interviews and crisp storytelling) with new school marketing strategies (like conversion rate optimization and ultra-targeted email messaging). I also hate dull, say-nothing content and hope you do too.